The last few hours, offline, online


My device has been great for ages, years, since purchase. Today, getting offline/online. Every few minutes. Have rebooted it. Router is 3m away, dedicated for it. Even powered that router off so it picks up one in next room so it’s not the router. I work in IT and I don’t think it’s anything on my end. Internet is stable and fast. I have monitoring of various stuff on my lan from the internet, and they are all fine. Is there an issue with the Garadget service?


You can see the status of underlying service provider at:
If the issue persists, please PM the device ID of your unit and we’ll investigate further.


Perhaps coincidentally mine has started doing the same thing about the same time. It’s been great for a long time but for the last 2-3 days I’ve been getting 50-100 offline/online events per day.

I’ve had a look at the Particle status page and they do note some cloud connectivity issues but claim it’s now resolved.

My internet appears stable and I’ve got great wifi strength at the Garadget.

I’ve been logging the event stream from my device and see nothing odd other than the repeated offline/online toggles.

I’ll PM my device ID.


I have been doing testing with other access points I have - always the same thing. Seemingly at exact time periods (currently every 15 minutes). System still works fine as you would have to be trying to use it exactly at 15 minutes for about 5 seconds - I I did not have the notifications on my iphone, I would not even realise there is an issue.


Same situation here. It started with no notifications for a couple of days. That was fixed. Now, I’m getting frequent offline notices. Offline notices started May 3rd at 5:55 pm eastern time.


This appears to be a server related issue. I’m reaching out to Particle (underlying service provider) to figure out what causes this. There is no issue with your individual devices and networks.

At this time the reconnects do not affect the overall availability/connectivity.


Exactly same problem I facing too.


I have two Garadgets. Both are having the same offline/online oscillation problem. They do not go offline at the same time, but do so about 7 minutes apart, repeating every 15 minutes.


Can you please PM the device IDs of your units.
We’re working on this issue with the cloud service provider and they would like to have a list of affected units.


Same issue here. Every hour itgoes off-line then immediately back online.


Any progress or updates on this issue? Both Garadgets are still dropping offline and coming back online in seconds, several times an hour.


Same here, the alerts are driving me crazy


Same here. Pretty annoying.