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Hi, I just wanted to say this is such a dumb idea. Your just taking something already perfectly fine and making it into an app to “improve” a fucking garage door opener! Your product might even be worse than jucero the four fucking hundred dollar jucer that has to be connected to the Internet and only takes certain juice packets. And it does something you can do with your FUCKING HANDS!!! Like why the actual fuck do we need shit like that and this huh???
This is just my opinion, the more technology the worse the word, the lazier the world, the dumber the world.


Happy New Year, bud!
Hopefully 2019 will bring you fewer frustrations, be it juicers, smart garage controllers, technology or life in general.


Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. It’s that simple. You’re not a nice person


Obviously this Moron doesn’t own a Garadget.
I can’t tell you the number of times this device has saved me from having to make a return trip to the house to close the door - that I forgot to close when I left.

Keep up the good work!


They’re a troll. Obviously the Garadget people know this by the awesome witty comment they left.

This is a much needed product and it’s simplicity and ease of installation and integration into existing home automation applications is great. I was having a difficult time getting my GoControl garage door controller working in Home Assistant and started looking around for an alternative. Not that many out there as easy to install and configure as this one.

I did have an issue with getting it installed at first. It seemed the app would time out before my Samsung phone would pick it up, but they had a new version of the software on their site and after I installed it no problems.


I’ve found that when someone uses the F bomb repeatedly it’s because they cannot express themselves any other way. Basically limited vocabulary or not very well educated. Why would anyone want to listen to a person with such limitations?


I agree that I think the Garadget is a great device/application. I love how it tells me when the garage was left open and how it will close it at night automatically.

I guess someone is just jealous they didn’t create it first.

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Guy is a complete Dick head. I appreciate this company. Things will never be exactly how you want but to go off the deep end like that was a chump move.

Company had been good to me! Bought one Unit, didn’t try to setup until months later. When I did, it didn’t work. Owner was nice enough to exchange and has been working ever since. In this life your gonna have ass holes. Gotta learn to live above their limitations


This guy needs a lot of help!!!