Trouble with device

Been working fine. Suddenly shows offline today. How can I troubleshoot?

Of course!

First step is to reset the unit by momentarily pressing “R” button. The status in the app can be refreshed by pulling down in the main screen.

Then if the issue persists, please look at the LED indication on the unit. When everything works fine, the sequence upon reset is:

  1. less than a second of solid white (resetting)
  2. few seconds of fast green blinks (connecting to WiFi router)
  3. few seconds of fast cyan blinks (connecting to server)
  4. slow cyan pulsing (connected to server)

If your unit gets stuck on one of the steps, then we troubleshoot a specific scenario, otherwise we look into the client device related issues. Please let me know the results of your testing.

Thanks for getting back. I didn’t have access to the physical device at the time, locked out and garadget not working. I found that the Android app was unable to communicate with the device, but I was able to open the door from the cloud login. What would cause this to happen?

For the command to go through, both Garadget and your mobile phone must be Internet connected. Likely one of the links was intermittent or missing.

The whole thing was a little strange. Of course it would stop working after a family bike outing to the pool and relying on the garadget as our way back into the house. The app read that the device was offline for 2 hours. After about 15 mins of trying to get the app to connect, and bemoaning the missing stand-alone LAN control, I remembered that there was a cloud login. After getting the door open with the cloud I re-logged into my account in the app and everything has been fine. Glad its fixed. I will remember the cloud login in the future and I’ll be anxiously awaiting the stand-alone LAN control hookup to home assistant.

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