Unit Showing Off-line

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This morning my unit stopped working, so I went through the setup again. Everything seems to be setup properly, but the app still show the unit off-line with an error “The request timed out”. Now it says I have no doors. What should I do?

I tried add the door again and not the app says “Could not communicate with Particle cloud. Make sure your iOS device is connected to the internet and retry.”. My iPhone is connected to the internet.

I removed the app and added my door back, and it seems to be doing a firmware update now. Waiting for it to come on-line.


It came back on-line and now I’m not getting anymore open/closed alerts. :frowning:


@morkie210, please PM me your device ID and I’ll check it on my end.
Sounds like connectivity problems, but I will find out more.


There was Particle system maintenance. You can always check the current status of their cloud servers and signup for the status updates. Please give it some time to stabilize.

Also Discussion of the maintenance event in Particle forum.


Since yesterday’s problem (that seems to be corrected), the led of my Garadget unit is flashing blue (as the initial status) and so my door is showed as offline.
What can I do to resolve the problem ?


Dark blue flashing indicates listening mode. You can try reset by pressing R button. If unit returns to the listening mode then login to your account on any of the client apps and perform “add door” procedure. This will provide Garadget with the (updated?) login information for your WiFi network.


I have reset and I have performed “add door” procedure but the unit returns to listening mode.


Did you get blinking green after entering the login credentials? Did it change to blinking cyan after that?
You may want to double check the WiFi credentials you’re sending to Garadget.


I’m sorry but it doesn’t work. I haven’t blinking green after entering the login credentials.

Is it normal that I am obliged to keep the M button pressed for the Photon-XXXX network can be seen by the iPhone? It’s the only procedure to connect to Photon-XXXX wifi.
My first installation has already been hard because I had to try about 100 times before having a sucess to configure the system.


Ok, my unit is showing offline again. It was working earlier. This needs to be fixed or I want a refund.


@Breizhelvete, you might want to look at this thread for recommendations.

@morkie210, I can check from my end and determine if the connection issue between Garadget and the Internet or between the client application and the server. Please PM me the device ID.


I already did that yesterday.


@morkie210: Got it, thanks. Your indeed offline at this time.
What indications do you get when you reset the unit using R button?


My unit is frequently going offline & coming back by itself, often within a second, sometimes much longer. The connection shows “excellent (-35dB)” signal strength, and is connected to the same wifi network as my garage camera (about 6’ away), which is steady as a rock during this outage period. Is there anything I can do to eliminate these outages, or at least eliminate outafes of under 1 minute from sending an alert?


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