Unit won't open close?


Installed unit. App works. Web works. Sensors work. Shorts cable works. But won’t open or close.


Please try this recommendation from the troubleshooting guide:

Door control commands are not working
Disconnect the opener control wires from Garadget’s blue terminal block and verify that momentarily shorting the open ends activates the door. If there is no motion then either wiring is incorrect or your opener features Security+ 2.0 protocol.


I did try that already. Shorting does engage the garage door fine.


Do you hear quiet “tick” sound inside the Garadget when you send the command?


No I don’t hear any tick sound.


Ok, please PM me your order info and I’ll arrange the replacement right away. You can keep the existing unit in place and just swap it out when new one arrives. The return label for old unit will be included.

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