Web app functions door, both iphone apps show "offline"


I have two iPhones setup to monitor my single Garadget. Recently, both apps show my door with a status of OFFLINE although when I access the garadget web page on my iphone and open the garage door from there, the iPhone app provided me a notice that the door is opening. Also, the web app functions and it correctly tells me the door status, but when I select the settings on the web app, I get a pink banner stating “This Garadget is currently offline”. Anyone else see these types of errors?


I had a similar problem for the past several days. One of two doors was showing offline in the iOS app. On the web app, both doors were online, controllable, and functioning. The slow pulsing cyan light on both Garadgets showed both were connected to the server. After about four days, the offline door was suddenly online, again.


Example of the Web app conflict. The signal strength icons fluctuate normally but the settings show offline.


@twarner, I can check the situation with your door from the server side. Please PM me your device ID.