Webservice down

The Android app and the website service are behaving erratically lately. Last week https://www.garadget.com/my/ could not be reached at all or just said that the door had been offline for 9 days or more. The Android app showed offine or other error messages. Now, today, Monday, everything seems to be up and running again. My main concern is not that services encounter hickups, but that there is no backup or contingency plan, or at least a central place on the web where users can check the status of the service.

The webservice and the apps should have a gentle way of informing users properly. If the service is down, they should not worry about whether their device is faulty, and just wait until you, the service provider, are doing what you should in order to get it up and running again. I searched this forum for any clues, but alas. Even your twitter account doesn’t show any signs of a failure, although I’m quiet sure that there was a failure at your end. How else could things be back to normal today, when I at least didn’t change anything in the device or the internet at home?

Robert Berendsen

For the service status updates please visit https://status.particle.io/
You can signup to the notifications.

Thank you for your suggestion re. more granular error reporting. I’ll pass that along.