Why cant I get any help from anyone?


Seven tries. Seven failures.
No help available.
Glad I only bought one instead of the three I had planned.
Returning Monday am.
Save your money, product does not work AT ALL.
Instructions do not succeed.
No help forthcoming. You are on your own.
Buyer beware.


Thank you for your patience. Please understand that Garadget is a small business and while we do our best to provide the support as fast as possible it is not available 24/7. There may be a few hours delay especially during the weekends.

I’ve replied to your other public post with the information on how to resolve the issue you are experiencing. If you prefer to proceed with the return, please PM me your order details and I’ll get the process started.


Mine works awesome and I recommend it. I received prompt help from Denis when requested.


I’ve had mine nearly 2 years and have nothing but great experiences when working with Denis on my questions/concerns. You should give it another chance. It’s totally a cool product/idea. :slight_smile: