Wifi not seeing garadget?


Installed android app, created account, tried to add door but app says (No Garadget devices found)

Looked in WiFi and can see the Photon I even connected to it but am unable to connect via app or web to input wifi password. Signals are strong and was performed close to both Android and router.



Please click “add door” in user interface after you login to your account.
The process is outlined in the setup instructions.


Yes, as mentioned I did click “add door” in user interface. In the mobile app it just says “No Garadget devices found”. When performed via the web or browser it goes into a perpetual “Waiting for WiFi connection with Garadget”.


By the way, I’ve spent some time reading community posts related to “Device Setup” and verified some of the issues others may have had including but not limited to WEP/WPA and 5 gig vs. 2.5 gig hertz on the router and a couple of other issues. Unfortunately nothing has helped. Love the concept and supposed ease of setup but could I have received a defective unit?


Here are the screens following the “add device” click in the web interface (left) and mobile apps (right):

From what you describe, you’re not seeing the correct screen in the Android app (please confirm) but you see the correct screen in the web app.

Now, were you able to re-connect your smartphone to the PHOTON-XXXX network when instructed?