Adding antenna to wireless remote

Hey everyone, does anyone know where on this board I could attach external transmit antenna? I am trying to extend the range of my remote! Thanks.

Are you extending Garadget’s antenna or the one on your garage door opener?

Would like to make an external antenna for my remote fob. Just don’t have access to schematic to see where I can solder antenna feedline to the board.

Because this is not directly related to Garadget or topic of Security+ 2.0, I’m moving it to a separate post.
Feel free to post pictures of both sides of the PCB of your wireless remote and I’ll try to figure out where is antenna there.

@Mambapilot some more info would help folks help you:

  • what is the remote fob? (picture/model/etc)
  • what is the garage door opener? (picture/model/etc)
  • how far away should it work? (in meters/feet/etc)