Alert not working in Android Oreo 8.1

I changed my phone from Nexus 6 to Pixel2. Only garadget alert not working. Re install the app. Still same issue.

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I have the same problem too changing from s8 to Huawei p20 pro


Please PM me your device and I’ll check out the configs on the server.

I just upgraded to a Galaxy S9 and am not getting alerts as well but my old S7 is still getting them so it is definitely Oreo causing the problem. Is there a work around on IFTTT that anybody knows about?


Please PM your device ID and we’ll check the push notification subscriptions on the server.

Hey Denis, could you check my subscriptions on the server as well? I have a Galaxy S8 on 8.0.0 and the app alerts do not work. Email alerts are working. I’ve PM’d my device ID to you.


I have a Sony Xperia xz2 Compact and haven’t had alerts ever since the update to android 9. Disabled all alerts, logged off, logged in and enabled the alerts without any success. It’s a problem, because of another bug : the device will be offline for days without being noticed.