Alerts not working and other questions

Hello, I have had my garadget for about 2 years. I disabled the alerts awhile back and now that I have re-enabled them, I’m still not getting my alerts. Have alerts been disabled?

Also, I see “Garadget2” in the appstore, is that an updated app for my garadget? DOes it have better features?

Also, just checking in to see if we can add users to may account (kids/wife, possible guests)?

Yes, Garadget 2 is current app. Please uninstall the old version and re-install from app store. That can also fix the notifications. Let me know if it doesn’t.
Re. additional users: you can login into the account from multiple devices.

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Basically the same issue - I do not get the audio alerts. Uninstalled app and re-installed (did not see Garadget2). Still no audible sounds. Used to work.

I understand that there are no sounds. Do you get the alert messages?

Same problem here. No audible alerts or any alert that either my door is opening or closing or has been open for a certain period of time. I am using ver 1.20 and have uninstalled and re-installed. My alexa skills are working great with this but the notifications no longer work on the app. Tonight my garage door mysteriously opened and i received no notification about it or a reminder that the door had been open a while.

I can see if the door is opened or closed. I can open and close the door with the App, but I get no notices or beeps or nothing . . .

Please PM your device ID and I’ll check settings for your Garadget on the server.

I have no idea how to PM you - send me your email

I’m experiencing this issue as well. I don’t see garadget 2 in the google play app store either.

In google play the app is called “Garadget” without 2.

My alerts stopped some time ago. Everything else seems to be working except help which returns an error message.
I am using Garadget 2.

Are you on Android or iOS?

I am using an Android Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Help seems to be working now.

For Android we are rolling out a new app.
Get from Google Play Store at:

I installed the new software and everything seems to be working fine now.

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I am having the same issues, I installed the app v2 on my new phone and I am not getting the alerts, what I fix to get the alerts?

I’m not finding the notifications subscription by the email address you used for community board.
Please PM me the account email or device ID and I’ll check again.
Also, please make sure you allow push notifications for Garadget app in your phone’s settings.

Hello, I just found my garage door was open. I did not get an alert on my phone. The way I found it was looking at security camera footage. The door had been open for 45 minutes when I realized it.

My app notification is enabled.I have Firm 1.20 Signal strength excellent, (-41db) Reflection 93% Notifications volume is turned up to 80%

I can open or close door with my phone without a problem.

It is critical that my garage door not be left open and unattended. Can you please advise.

I would like an audible alert

Please check that you use the most current version of the app (2.0.5), and the notifications are enabled for Garadget app in system’s settings. That’s also where you can choose sound options for them.

While testing the notifications, the app should be inactive (home screen or some other app active). Use another phone or wall button to trigger the events.