Alexa - Garadget - Smart Garage Skill

Somehow the “Garadget - Smart Garage Skill” unlinked from my Alexa account, I think it was sometime late last night. When I try to sign in with username and password to re-link it, it times out with a 524 error. I’ve tried through the Alexa app on my phone and through desktop browser. I’ve also tried disabling and re-enabling the skill with no luck. Is anyone else having issues with the Alexa skill?

Hi @jims. I had the exact same issue on Sunday, tried the same things you did. I then tried again the next day (Monday) and was able to log in. Hopefully it’s resolved for you !

Mine is working again now. It must have just been a network or server blip. Thanks for checking in, I just happened to be changing some other smart home stuff when it went down and I thought I might have messed something up!