Alexa not recognizing individual doors

I have the “smart garage” Gradget app for Alexa enabled. It works but I have two garage doors with two separate Garadgets. Alexa works when asking status like “all doors closed”. But I am not able to ask for a specific named door. I have each door specifically named in the Garadget app. I have tried all of the specific wordings like “Alexa, ask smart garage the status of Stacy door”. Response: “All doors are closed.”
If I ask similarly to open specific named door, both doors open at same time.
Any hints?
Also, something aside: Does the geofencing on the phone app not work? Every time I toggle it on and exit the app, it is off when I look at it again when opening the app. Function doesn’t seem to work.
Thank you

If door names are not reliably recognized by the skill, please try using the numbers. E.g. “status of door one”.
Re. geofencing: are you on Android or iPhone? Are location services allowed for Garadget app?

Changing to numbers worked. However the geofencing still doesn’t work. I have Android. I have checked location permission and Garadget has it.

Ok, thanks for the info I’ll bring it up with the developers.
Another option for financing is via IFTTT service.

Mike, you don’t need to actually change the names of the doors. They can still have unique names, but when you ask SmartGarage to open or close a specific door, just substitute “1” or “2”. When you say “Alexa, tell SmartGarage to open Door 1”, she will respond “Opening Stacey”. In my case, the first Garadget I set up is considered Door 1 and the 2nd is Door 2.


Very helpful. I’ve been having this issue as well. Alexa not being able to distinguish between two Doors. When I say Door 1 Alexa responds with the unique name of the door “carHouse”. Now it would be great if Alexa could learn to recognize the unique name! But at least this 1,2 thing is a good stop gap. Thank you.