Alexa Routine - When Garadget Door Opens

I want to create a new Alexa Routine that when my Garadget door is opened an action is triggered (a light is turned on).

Why does the Alexa Routine not include Garadget as an option to cause an action to be triggered ?

Is there really no way to have an Alexa routine get triggered when Garadget senses that the door has been opened or closed? Is there anyone out there that can respond to this. Thank you.

Not until Amazon change their policy on this matter.
Please refer to the existing discussing this.

I do not understand Amazon’s thinking. I do understand if they are not comfortable in allowing routines to close and perhaps open a garage door but this is not what I am looking to do.

I am looking to simply have a routine trigger an action WHEN a garage door opens or a garage door closes. If this was possible I could trigger on a smart light to turn on/off.

I cannot belive there is no workaround to this.

Check out SmartThings or IFTTT integration. Those offer flexibility in how events are triggered.

Thank you. I will do that.