Alexa says garage is offline when it's not

I have my Alexa connected to Garadget (I have two devices) and when I issue a command I’m told that one of my garages is offline. However, when I check the Garadget App and my SmartThings app, the garage is online and works from both apps. Any ideas what the problem is?

Is this a recent development? Did it work at any time before?

It’s a recent development, it has been working for months.

Recently there was a device status oddity reported by several customers, is now resolved.
Can you please check to see if you still experience this issue?

I think it’s working again, I’ll double check in the morning.

Hi all, I have this same problem, been working fine for months and now both of my Alexa devices think the garage is offline. When I load the app it seems to also flash for a split second from offline to online. So not sure what is up with it honestly, I have tried disabling and re-enabling the skill with no luck. Any other ideas guys?


ok figured it out, power cycled the garadget unit itself and it seemed to resolve the issue for anyone else with the same problem.

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