Alexa simple commands

For over a year I was able to open and close my garage door using Alexa by simply saying “Alexa open/close the garage” this was completely by accident but was working without the long way of saying “Alexa tell smart garage to open”. Recently this method stopped working. Does anyone know how to get this going again?


Do you have any other home-automation related skills in your Alexa account?

I have an IFTTT recipe. But those are still going. I think amazon for a little while recognized garadget and then some how it got unhooked. I loved just saying open / close the garage. It was great. Now all of a sudden it says garage doesn’t support that.

I don’t know if it’s related, but my Alexa Garadget skill seemed to “auto-disconnect” last week, I logged in again and things worked fine. Clearly something happened. I will say on the point of how you tell Alexa to open the garage, I too would prefer the shorter phrase, but I have 2 doors and despite having given them names, I have to use the long phrase you suggested and refer to them as Door 1 / Door 2 even though they have “names” that Siri recognizes as Gate and Garage.

Well for Siri it always worked as open the garage since I use home bridge. That’s how I accidentally discovered it worked. Instead of saying Siri I said Alexa. Now I wish I had it back

While it’s not the same effect I found this as a temporary work around.

The old way if the door was open and I ask it to open it’ll say door is already open. Same if it was closed. The method above won’t give statuses just runs as normal.