Alexa Skill for Australia

Dear Garadget,
Firstly, the device is wonderful, I currently use with location and other features through IFTTT and it’s brilliant when the door opens on arrival and closes on departure.
I was wondering though, do you plan to activate the Garadget and Garadget - Smart Garage skills for use in Australia? Or perhaps I’m not searching for the right skill :frowning:
We have a fully integrated smart home using Amazon Alexa devices or enabled devices and it would be great if we can also take advantage of your skill over here. Currently it just says I’m in the wrong country and won’t let me enable it.
Any help is very much appreciated.

The Garadget smart home skill worked for a while and stopped. :frowning: hoping admin replies at some stage

Please share your device ID in the private message. I’ll check out the server logs to see what is going on.

i have done this , please assist