Alexa skill not working?

My family has been out of town for several months and returned two weeks ago. When we try to use the alexa skill (“Alexa, tell smart garage open the garage door”) all we get is “sorry, i’m having trouble accessing your garadget smart garage skill right now”. I de-authorized the skill, and then authorized it again but still see the same error. Is there a problem with the alexa skill?

Do you still experience the issue with the skill?
I tested account linking and functionality on my Alexa and it all looks good.

Yes. just tested it and am getting same response.

Are you able to re-login and use other clients? app/web?

App and web work fine. logged in to android app last weekend without issue.

I checked the email in forum account and there are no devices associated with it.
Please PM me your Garadget account email and I’ll check things out.