Alexa Skill - Routines

Sooo a recent Alexa app update now lets us add skills to Routines.

In trying to add this skill the only option i have is to Open the door???

I’m not sure if Devs have any control of how the functions of skills are made available in Routines but if if it’s possible on your end can you allow closing of the door too?

I don’t see Garadget in Alexa Routines. I’m using the alternate “Smart Garage” Skill.

I do use Alexa Routines for Garadget but in a kind of convoluted way. I have an Alexa Routine where I say “open the garage” which momentarily triggers one channel on a Sonoff 4ch Pro R2. Then I have an IFTTT Applet that opens the garage based on the button press. This was my solution for having the garage open based on anything I want Alexa to listen for. Trying to get Alexa to recognize “Garadget” or remembering to say “Ask Smart Garage” or “Trigger Open” were not great solutions for me.

A byproduct of doing it this way is that the Sonoff has buttons on it to activate its channels, so it also functions as sort of a wifi garage door remote.

Routines > Add Action > Skills (this is a totally new section) Your Skills > Garadget - Smart Garage

That opens the skill, but how does one close the garage door in the routine?

Currently it can’t. We’re still waiting on the developer to get Garadget to be an Alexa recognized device.