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Happily enjoying my integrated devices. I recently found out about Alexa’s British voice and find it much clearer. But when switching to the British voice either she doesn’t understand me when I say garadget or it doesn’t want to work. Is it a pronounciatkon problem with the British voice or an integration problem. There was a warning saying she would have a hard time understanding some commands. For the most part works fine except for this. If anyone has any insight I would love to keep the voice. Until then I have switched back to the US English voice. Thanks

In the Alexa app the English language is configured as en-US. There’s also an option to supply en-GB language pack.
Although I wouldn’t expect the voice pack to be tied to the language pack, that’s still a possibility. I’ll get that en-GB copied from en-US and submit to Amazon for certification/approval.

Please stay tuned for the updates on this.

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The updated version of the skill including en-GB language pack is now live.
@Fredman1365, please let me know if that enabled the British voice.

Unfortunately no. I might be doing it wrong still. Tried it a few times but alexa keeps saying she doesn’t understand.

Tried it again. I got it to work. It’s not perfect. More of a pronounciation issue at this time. Sometimes I get “ this skill doesn’t work with your devices language. “ and other times it’ll work.

Is there another skill with similar sounding invocation phrase?
You can get more info inspecting the calls history through the mobile app.

“Garagio” is very annoying as it takes the place of garadget lots of times. I’ve written into amazon echo support on the matter. They’ve asked to be contacted but haven’t had any chance yet.

I’ve submitted a ticket with them as well. Unfortunately this part of the invocation happens before any of our code have any chance to do anything about it. The solution will have to come from Amazon.

Just wanted to provide an update. It’s working great now using the gb voice. All commands are recognized. Actually looking into garagio doesn’t use any other language I believe that solved my garagio problem for the time being.

Thanks for the update, @Fredman1365.
I’m glad to hear GB voice solved the invocation collision for you. Meanwhile I’m working on finding the reliable resolution for this issue.