Android app not updating regularly, door is open but shows closed etc

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I just installed my two Garadgets. That went reasonably smooth (comments in a separate topic) and I can control my doors using the app. Reflection numbers are 98 and 99 when closed and 0 when open. Pretty confident the hardware is working as it should. The trouble is that when someone opens the door without the app (by pressing a wall button or car remote) the app doesn’t seem to react. The web interface reacts just fine. Under settings it shows the most recent update was ‘moments ago’. I conclude that data push works fine. In the app however it shows last contact was ‘206 seconds’ ago. Shouldn’t the app refresh a bit more often than that? Maybe refresh frequently over wifi and not so often over cellular?

I notice that when I pull down on the doors screen it refreshes.

Anyway, please let me know how it supposed to work so I can see if that is what it really does. Maybe then we can talk about changing this behavior :slight_smile:




Also noticed this as well. The android app needs more refining. It takes too long to open/login and the refreshing is really non existant. Its like it grabs the state when opening the app and then doesn’t really refresh frequently or at all after.

I now use the web app as its way faster and doesn’t have this problem. I know my friends who have garadgets have integrated it with HomeAssistant and just use that as its faster than the android app.


Thanks for your feedback.
The Android app will get some love soon.
Additionally to the status updates there was a reported issue with the door renaming.
Please keep posting what else needs to fixed or improved.


Thanks heaps for the response! really appreciate the support you provide here!


Thank you! LAN refresh should ideally be snappy. WAN refresh would be best on-demand to reduce mobile data consumption. In any case, a manual refresh is a good enough workaround for now. At first I didn’t realize this was possible.