Android APP - Parse error

I am getting a pop-up:
Parse error

When I use Android app (1.13 - appears to be latest).

This was reported last year (by other users), but subsequent version appears to have fixed it, but now I am getting it. (I do not remember seeing this error last year)

This issue also reports the name of my garage as “warehouse” for some odd reason. (pressing OK, will close the pop up and allows me to open/close the garage door without any issues)

I reset my phone recently (entirely other reason) and re-installed the app but it does not fix the issue.

It’s possible that the name of the device got reset to blank. Please try logging into the web interface and rename it using the settings screen.

“warehouse” is the fallback name the app developer used in the app; not the best choice, taking a note.

Changing the name from WEBAPP did not fix the issue, but from the Android app, I renamed the door and it is now working fine.


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I get the Parse error and my doors keep changing to Warehouse and Main or two “Warehouse”. After a bit of frustrated experimentation I think it doesn’t like spaces in the name. So, “TwoCar” is OK and “Two Car” is not. I will report back if stops working without the spaces.