Android Notifications

I have the latest version installed and still get 3 notifications when the door opens. 1st is door is open. 2nd is door is closed and 3rd is door is open. Is there a way to fix this? When I close the door I only get door closed.

I had to disable notifications…I would get a dozen at a time

@Iflyrcaz & @silvermaxd
Please PM me your device IDs. I’ll look at the logs to see what is causing this. It can be either sensor threshold too high, the motion time too low or something else. In any case this will be an easy to fix.

Sir I had this same issue. The eye moved and was in the corner of the reflection sticker. I solved this by putting the second one to take up that space

@Lmg21477, you can probably move the first tag to new location if things got stable. Same situation is covered here. If you need additional reflectors, check out this thread.


I am not getting any notifications on my Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 device. I left the garage door open for 30 minutes but did not receive a single alert. Please can you help.


Yesterday I was working on some changes in push notifications code. Will double check the code again.

Please see if disabling alert and enabling it back again fixes the notifications. If it doesn’t then please PM me your device ID and I’ll investigate further.

For the last few days I get no notifications at all. Prior to 2 days ago I would get 3 or 4 notifications when using the app. When using the garage remote I would get 1 for open and 1when it closed


I am having the same problem of no notifications.
New install maybe my fault. Please help.


There was a new version released yesterday. It is possible that with new version your subscriber ID is different now.
Please try re-subscribing to alerts by un-checking one of the switches and checking it back on.

Tried that. No luck. I downloaded the app 2 weeks ago. Installed the opener today.

So, I’m receiving notifications - but it would be nice to change what is displayed.
In the screenshot you can see that the notification takes 2 lines to display - when I have a number of notifications I only see one line. Thus, I don’t even know the status until I clean up things to read both lines.

Since there is an Icon I don’t think we need the start of the message Your Garadget reports that…