API WITHOUT Internet/Cloud?

I am looking to control a door over a local LAN, that does NOT have Internet access. I’ve looked into the command line and web API, and the both seem to require access to garadget’s cloud servers. I don’t understand why the web interface would not be built into the device, and allow access via the local LAN IP via http://192.168.x.x/ (as assigned by DHCP) instead of via some Internet server.

I have NOT yet purchased a Garadget, and will not do so unless I can confirm 100% that it can be setup and operated without the Garadget device having access to the Internet.

Is there a 100% local API/interface? If so can someone point me at documentation for it?

edit: Ok, I see the MQTT stuff, but that seems to be quite complex, requiring I setup a “broker” server - I want to be able to send controls directly to the garadget, and access it directly to get status, without having to setup a whole new server application on some other machine. Possible?

At this time there are no plans to service any incoming network requests by the door controllers.

MQTT is your best choice for LAN only configuration. I would recommend looking at Home Assistant as a broker and home automation server. $30 Raspberry Pi and a day of tinkering is all it takes, and you’ll end up with much more versatile, robust and secure setup.

Inconvenient short-sighted design.

I don’t want to have three devices, just two - the door controller, and my linux PC that can send commands to whatever garage controller I use and check status from a shell script using something like curl or wget. Don’t want to have some additional “server” software running. The server/controller need to be on the same device.

Guess I won’t be buying a garadget after all.

You can run MQTT broker on the same Linux box you use as a client leaving you with only two devices.

Using the handle “GARADGETSUCKS” when you don’t even OWN one is a pretty shitty, low-life thing to do. Maybe a push-button is more your speed. Or just a rope.


So, having not used Garadget, and clearly knowing its limitations prior to investing in one you are complaining and attacking it because it doesn’t meet your pre-purchase expectations? LOL, do you know how ludicrous this sounds :man_facepalming:


I’ll go one step further, since I have to see this thread every time I come here.

Asking for a command line API, being furnished one via MQTT, which can be accessed using Python MQTT libraries that will work from the command line, makes you out to be a jerk that doesn’t know what they are talking about.

And that’s just Python. You want to use C++? Ruby? Ruby on Rails? Node.js? All of them have a command line interface for running a very small program that can send and receive MQTT topics, and JSON.

If that is complex, you need to just go buy a device at Lowes or Home Depot and leave this for the grown-ups.