App reports: there are no doors connected to this account


I’ve had lots of intermittent problems with the app. Most recently it started to prompt for login and once I get past the prompt it reports the error above.

Any ideas how to make the app save my login credentials and how to fix the error.


Please disregard the error message, I was using the wrong account but the frequent login promotes are still annoying, It would be great if the app was touchID enabled


@LuchoS, Please check out “Garadget 2” app in apple app store. It has the re-login issue fixed and it also supports the touch ID feature.


Great, I just downloaded it and it’s working fine.

I was wondering… How come it didn’t auto-upgrade the original Garadget app? Also, What else is new with this version?


The new app is published under a different developer account so it can’t be associated with the legacy app.
TouchID/Pin is the new feature, other than than there are bug fixes, stability improvements and cosmetic mods.