App says it’s opening/closing, but nothing happens

Using the app from my iPhone, and it will sometimes take 12 times, or more of pressing the button to either open or close it. It says it’s opening/closing, but nothing is happening. The reflective circle is placed in the correct spot, and there’s no light coming into the garage. Makes it impossible to know if it’s actually open/closed when I’m not right in front of it. I have the latest version of the app.

Also have an issue of the app taking so long to even start and locate the Garadget, that I usually just end up closing the garage manually. All while I have a strong WiFi connection.

Do you experience the same issue with the web interface?

Im running into this as well. When i click open or close, I see the wall switch is turning off and I lose the clock setting so it seems to be communicating to some degree. The physical door doesn’t move but the graphics in the app does. Anyone run into this?

It is likely that your opener does not support a simple push button console.
Please see these posts for more information on this:

I was told to adjust the “relay on” time in settings. Try playing around with that on the app.