Apple home network

Can the Garadget be set up on the Apple home network, if so any suggestions on how to set it up, thanks

Does it have a 2.4GHz WiFi router?

Yes we have a 2.4 ghz wifi router

Please follow the regular setup instructions. All Garadget needs on the side of the network is 2.4GHz WiFi connection.

When I attempt to set up on the Apple home network it asks for. 8 digit number for the unit to be placed in the app to allow it to connect. Doe it have a 8 digit number

This sounds like something Apple integration specific. Garadget doesn’t have 8 digit number.

To setup the controller on WiFi network there is no need to configure anything on the network side. In the process of the setup you give Garadget SSID (WiFi network name) and the password.

Sounds like you are trying to add it to homekit. Homekit uses an 8digit code such as 111-11-111

You should look into homebridge.

thanks, this is exactly what I want to do but was hoping for a simple 8 digit number to place into the home system, as I am not a Tech savy person and only under stand basic installation, when I read the information attached to the blog I was lost, does any one have it in basic terms that explains it step by step, or when you set up your tutorial can you pass it on, thanks

You wont be able to easily add garadget to homekit. Without a middleman device or service running.