Audio alerts have stopped when door opens/closes?

Hello! I have a Samsung Galaxy A52 on Android 11 and the audio alerts for when my garage door opens or closes have stopped. I still get notices in my home page feed. But I need the audio alerts. What should I do to re-enable them? Thank you.

If you receive the notifications, but they don’t generate any sound alert then it is likely the OS setting. Here is a relevant how-to I googled for Android:

Hi, thanks for the reply. I looked at that page. But it applies to Android 10 and I have Android 11 now. I have gone thru the various setting and menus. If I change the “default” sound in the Gradaget app, it changes the sound for all alerts. So for example, my security camera alert will be the new sound. However, in the past I was able to set a distinct sound for the Garadget, and now it is not going off anyway.

There was no recent changes or updates with the mobile app so the differences in the behavior must be caused by the Android update or some change in the configuration. Garadget app uses a default push notification. Here is an article I found about reassigning of the default notification sound for individual applications in Android.

Thank you very much for your assistance. My audio alerts are now working and all is good.

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