Bought used garadget, can't claim device


As the title says, I can’t register the device. Setup through the app works until the last step when it attempts to verify ownership. It then errors out with a message that says “OOPS”.

I’ve also tried setup via USB. I’m able to configure the device to connect to my wifi network using the particle CLI. However, adding the device fails:

particle device add Photon-XXXX
Claiming device Photon-XXXX
Failed to claim device, server said: [object Object]

Evidently the device is still registered to the prior owner. I’ve searched the particle docs and haven’t seen any way around this. Are there any suggestions from this forum?


Please PM me the device ID (you can get it with particle identify CLI command).
I’ll look into it.


Just had the same happen to me. Thought I miss-typed my WIFI password. Had to go through the setup twice and Claim the device before it was successful setup.
Still great devices with lots of features-more than my Chamberlain MyQ installed in another location.