Can i disable double press to pause door


having an issue with my 2 garages, I’m using the garaget for control4. When i try to pause the door in motion, the garaget sends 2 pulses to the opener. The opener i have just needs a single press to pause while in motion and another single press to go back. the double pulse from the garaget essentially locks my door halfway, as the first pulse starts the door moving backwards, and the second pulse stops it again. once its in a half way position, the garaget only sends these double pulses, so all i can do is jog the door back and forth, is there a way to disable this double pulse thing? i’ve currently got it set to 0.3 seconds, which occasionally works as sometimes the door misses the second pulse.

This issue was addressed in the latest driver update.
Please try the latest version available at:

Thanks mate, should have been the first thing i tried. works perfectly now.

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Hi @garadget one of my garaget for control4 devices has stopped working, seems the laser has stopped working, the device it’s self is still connected to c4 and can control the garage, however the laser is no longer working and so the feedback isn’t working properly. Is this a software issue or does the device need replacing?

I sensor still configured to use laser? If everything looks right please PM me to arrange a replacement.