Can I still use existing open/close door switch with Garadget?

I’m looking to install Garadget, but before doing so, I would like to know this:
There is currently an open/close garage door switch mounted to the wall of our garage (next to the staircase up to the house. Can I leave this as is and just add the Garadget?
Could both still be used? If for instance I don’t have my phone and want to open the garage door from inside, I use the wall-mounted switch. And then use the phone to close the door as I drive away?
Hope someone knows. Thanks a bunch for your time and insight!

Yes, with Garadget you keep your existing wired buttons and wireless remotes.

For my old Sears Garage Door, the Garadget wiring piggybacks on top of where the wall switch wires connect to the garage door motor. Just loosened the screws and wrapped the wires along side the existing wires. I do recommend mounting the Garadget device to the ceiling and not the garage door motor case. The vibration from my garage door motor made it difficult to keep the laser beam aimed on the door target. Mounted in the ceiling drywall and haven’t had to adjust since.

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