Can I stop door closing half way if I see obstruction on garage camera

I’ve installed a wyze cam in garage to monitor the door also. I have a retractive switch on the wall for garage door. 1 momentary press starts door closing, another press stops it. Another press makes the door reopen and so on.
I installed the garadget primarily to allow the dogs in on a wet day remotely. Is there any configurable way that the app press will perform the same as the retractive switch?

Thanks. Great product.

Garadget supports “stop” command which is sent when you tap the door image while the door is in motion. At this time there is no single command to partially open/close the door.

I use infrared sensors that backup the door if the beam is broken. Most doors have a pressure limit anyway but it’s usually greater than the limit for a dog (or cat in our case).

Thanks BarnsleyRob, how did you go about that? I’ve tapped on the screen during door close motion and it does not stop. Any tips or recommendations? Thanks again

Do you use iOS/Android or web app?

Thanks Denis. Tried the web app shortcut today and indeed it worked great. Many thanks. Great support and great product.


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