Can the Garadget device prevent the door motor from operating?

I have an older Garadget device. It has worked well for years. Suddenly, my garage door opener motor will not work. In the app, if I command to open, it shows “opening” and then after about 15% shows “closed” again. I do not use any other remotes. I have a hard wired control button on the garage wall that normally has worked. If I press it now, the garage door opener will not cycle.

The Garadget device shows healthy, the blue LED is blinking. If I press open on the app in my phone, I can hear a click from it. If I press the hard wired button on the wall, there is no click.

So I was wondering, if the device has had a malfunction, could it interfere and prevent the garage door opened from working? I have checked my circuit breakers, and the garage lights on the same circuit still work.

System: 2.0.1
Firmware: 1.24
Signal: -50dB
Reflection in daylight: 42%

Thank you.

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I could use some Customer Support on this please?

Theoretically if Garadget’s relay sticks closed it can disrupt the work of the wired button connected to the same terminals. You mentioned that you can hear relay click so it doesn’t sound like the contacts are stuck.

If you suspect there is some interference from Garadget, you can just temporarily disconnect the wires connecting Garadget to the opener and power Garadget down. If the issue doesn’t go away then it is caused by something else.

It sound like the motor has given up the smoke. Unless you have something else to test that another remote or hardwire button. We need to forget the garadget device and just concentrate on just the garage door opener itself and make sure it works

@garadget: Thank you for the reply!

@DCrusher: Thank you.

I did want to mention, and I forgot to in my original post, that while trying to get it to open the garage door suddenly did start to rise. Then it stopped at about 1/3 way open. So I thought to myself “oh no, it’s stuck part way open!” but then it went back down and closed all the way. The motor sounded normal while doing this.

I have a dead car parked underneath the garage opener, and stuff is stacked on top of the car, so it is going to be a real hassle for me to get to the garage door opener. That is why I am asking so many questions first. Thank you.