Cannot connect to the new network

I have replaced a router and now have a new WiFi network name.
I am trying to setup garadget to the new network but it does not work. When I am switching device to setup mode, it blinks blue, I can see Proton network on my phone and can connect to it. But when I go through Add Device in the garadget app it shows “Connect to Garadget” forevere and never connects.
I tried to use " Garadget’s Embedded Web Interface" but cannot connect to - site never loaded. Need help.

Please try taking Garadget down from the opener and setting it up then.
The opener’s enclosure may interfere with lower WiFi strength during the setup process.

I did already. I disconnected it after several first attempts to setup and now it is on my desk very close to router. And router works OK. Ever other device connected fine (I have Wyze cameras and other stuff).Maybe garadget needs some reset or something?

Please try using another WiFi-enabled device (e.g. a laptop or tablet) for accessing the embedded setup page. If that doesn’t work, then contact us via personal message and we’ll arrange the service.

With laptop it works! I was able to access setup pages and now garadget is up and running. Not sure why it din’t work with my phone.
Thanks for the help.

So how it work with the App?

Works as doctor ordered! After setting up the new network name it works with phone app as it was before - no problem at all.

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I have the same issue, and when I try to reinstall, garadget app opens, then crashes.

If you experience this with the current version of the app, please PM me your device id or account email.
Otherwise, please download the latest app.