Cannot login to android app

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On iOS I was signed out and can’t seem to sign in. When I tell it to reset my password, it says my email address isn’t found :frowning:


I’m also having problems with this. When I initially set things up, I created my account and was able to control my garage door fine. Since then I’ve been logged out of the app on my phone and I cannot log in on the app or using the web interface. Attempting to reset my password give a “customer_exists” message, but when I try to log in I get user credentials not found.

I’ve PM’d you the email address so you can check it out.


I initiated the password reset.
This can also be done in this form.


Resetting my password didn’t work. I can log into the web site fine, but not the app :frowning:


This could be a generic Particle account. Try registering the account from the mobile app and initialize your unit in it.


It was working for months. When I try to sign up in the app it tells me it couldn’t sign up and to be sure the email doesn’t already exist…


Ok, please PM me the email address and initiate the password reset from admin.


I have the same issue and once I log out of the Apple device now I cant log in to either one. However I can log in here. Worked well for a little while. Very disappointed.


Please try resetting your password. Please PM me if that doesn’t work for any reason.


I updated android software and I now have same issue.

I can not log into app. It gives me error that user credentials are invalid. Tried the capital letter thing, No go. Tried resetting password. I get the message that "could not find user with supplied email address. If I tried to create a new account using the same email it tells me that user already exist.

I will pm u email address.


Same problem here as of today…