Can't login to app


I switched routers some time ago and now I can’t log into app anymore when I click “I forgot my password” it says "could not find the user. When I try to create an account it says user already exists. What gives?

I’m trying to setup again and have followed instructions to set wifi to proton-XXXX and I do that but the address never comes up, left for a long time to open but nothing.


when i connect to proton-XXXX it says :no internet"


then in the app I get the error “Please try running setup again after resetting your Garadget and putting it back in blinking blue listen mode if needed”


For password reset please try the form online. The capitalization of email address (login id) should be the same as at the time of registration.

For setup: If you are using the app then start out connected to your regular WiFi. Only reconnect to Photon-XXXX when instructed by the app. If you want to use embedded web interface then do connect directly to Photon-XXXX (yes it will say “no internet”) and navigate your browser to


Did you try deleting the app and starting all over?