Car headlights cause false alerts


Using garadget for about a month now. I was experienced a few false alerts from time to time like a series of opening/closing events. Sometimes a dozen in a raw.
And what i found finally is that all these alerts are happening when door is open and car on a driveway is approaching or leaving with headlights on. It looks like sensor is very sensitive and getting the light from a car and sending several alerts.
I didn’t find in the software if there is a possibility to filter this kind of signals.
But I put a small piece of cardboard (approximately 6 x6 inches) right on the upper edge of the garage door.
So when the door is open this block the garadget’s sensor from seeing my driveway.
Looks like it works and no false alerts anymore.
But it would be nice to have a possibility to distinguish a laser from headlights.


If you receive false alerts while the door is open, please try adjusting the threshold value up to 25-30.


Well, I tried - changed threshold to 25 and it stopped sending any notifications. None.
I changed it back. It didn’t help. It shows the correct status when door is closed or opened last time but no alerts. I tried yo turn the device off and on. It didn’t send any notification about getting online/offline either. I tried to clear off all alerts, log out the program and log in back. No alerts.
what can I do now?


Email alerts don’t work either.


It’s me this time. Was doing some maintenance. Notifications should be back now.


Yes, it does work now.
But in the future it would be nice to know about “maintenance”.


That was unplanned maintenance. The board ran out of disk space, had to upgrade the hosting.