CARPLAY - How is this not available in CARPLAY?

yep, did it back in August, got this in response:

Follow-up: 742313244

Dear Developer,

Thank you for your interest in CarPlay.

We received your request but we are unable to issue the CarPlay entitlement.

CarPlay apps must be designed primarily to provide one of the specified features when operating in CarPlay.

CarPlay apps must also be able to follow the CarPlay App Guidelines and meet the requirements specified in the CarPlay APIs Addendum to the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

The CarPlay App Guidelines are available in the CarPlay App Programming Guide.

I checked it out. Amazing. Garage door controller is SUCH AN OBVIOUS category.


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I bought this device and it seem to work pretty good but the simple fact after several years of it not working with android auto an CarPlay is just absolutely stupid this point. If there was any app that needed to work with an automobile it should be a garage door opener in this kind of follow in the category of Duhh…

So I’m abandoning this app all together and going with someone that makes sense it’s really stupid to go this long and not work with a car.

There is a simple solution but will require you to invest in a $5 raspberry pi and a few more dollars for an iBeacon. You place the Raspberry Pi in your garage and the iBeacon in your vehicle. You’ll then need to run some software on the pi which is constantly scanning for iBeacons. When it recognizes your iBeacon, it will open the garage.

I have had car play functions for months…

I have garadget connected to my home assistant docker container via it’s integration, using HA’s ios bridge I set it up in my home kit app…

Boom car play functions.

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