CARPLAY - How is this not available in CARPLAY?

CARPLAY - How is this not available in CARPLAY - This is the perfect fit for CARPLAY - but without it - you get pulled over by the police for texting… - Please add it to CARPLAY…


+1 this would be cool

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+2 This is a great idea!

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Yes. Very Good question. Qnd app in Apple wartch? Somfy is ready from 1 year

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For this to more effective - Apple’s Carplay and Android Auto - is becoming required. New reules are being passed that you can’t hold a mobile device in your hand while driving - so it really needs a Carplay and Android Auto App… - This will kill your sales once that is understood - however, On the plus side - it should rocket yours sales being one of the only devices out there with that function.

So how is it looking to have it available in CarPlay in the next month or two? I need to know because I want to get another one of your devices but I’m not getting invest in it unless it works on CarPlay.

It’s unlikely to become available in next two month. At this time we are working on the new features that will benefit all Garadget users and then we’ll reassign the resources owards the wish list of smaller user groups.

Although there is no native app at this time, you may already be able to use Garadget with in your car via the web interface, Alexa/Google Home integration, IFTTT, Home Automation integrations etc.