HomeKit Integration with Homebridge-Garadget Plugin

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I wrote a Homebridge Plugin for Garadget. Right now its only an accessory. I plan to move it into a platform to have multiple garadget devices under one roof. Technically you can add multiple accessories if you wanted to right now. I have it on NPM to make it easier for people to install it on their homebridge. I am also working on a new feature which allows you to by pass Homekit’s silly popup. I’ll be working on some tutorials when I get a chance. But if you already got a homebridge setup, Please take a look at my plugin and provide me with some feedback!

If you want to see a thread that I explained my endevors click here


Assuming you have Homebridge setup.

I used this puppet by Dustin Rue on my Raspberry Pi 3 on Raspbian Jessie Full
Note: Doesnt fully install. Theres a dependency it doesnt install.(I forgot which g++, npm, c++?)

  1. Get this dependency sudo npm install -g request
    (not sure if needed but just incase)

  2. Install garadget plugin sudo npm install -g homebridge-garadget

  3. Add this to your config.json under "description": above "platforms": if you have one.

"accessories": [{
    "accessory": "Garadget",
    "name": "Garage Door",
    "cloudURL": "https://api.particle.io/v1/devices/",
    "deviceID": "<<Device ID>>",
    "access_token": "<<Access Token>>"

If you don’t have a config.json I provide a sample on my github but you probably want to remove the platforms part. If you get errors try this nifty site that validates JSON files for you.

  1. Replace <<Device ID>> and <<Access Token>> (Tutorial how to find it coming soon)
    You may change the "name": but not "accessory":

  2. Restart (sudo shutdown -r now)
    Puppet will “Configures Homebridge to run as root and start at system boot using systemd.”

Issues? Github Issues


  • Get it on platforms
    Like homebridge-particle.

  • Bypass Homekit’s “Do you want {Homekit} to run “EnterTrigger” now?”
    I’ll bypass it by allowing another adding another accessory with the same deviceID and access_token. This accessory will act as a light switch by changing the value "bypass": "yes/no". Then hide it by not adding it to favorites. Add it to the scene. The picture above shows you a preview of the concept I am working on(Light blub named Toy Chest). That lightblub would go under Arrived Home scene. Tutorial will be made.

  • Instructions/Wiki
    Installing Homebridge on a Raspberry Pi 3/MacOS
    Installing Homebridge-Garadget plugin
    Adding Bypass
    (Let me know what else you guys might want)

Homebridge-Garadget 0.0.4
HomeKit in iOS11
Apple Watch app
Expose Garadget Doors to Siri
Voice recognition. Works for Siri not Alexa

I can get this working with one of my Garadget devices/doors, but not with the second. When I have this in config.json, I can only see the second entry in HomeKit:

  "description": "Garadget as an accessory.",
  "accessories": [{
    "accessory": "Garadget",
    "name": "Large Garage Door",
    "cloudURL": "https://api.particle.io/v1/devices/",
    "deviceID": "deviceID",
    "access_token": "access_token"
  "description": "Garadget as an accessory.",
  "accessories": [{
    "accessory": "Garadget",
    "name": "Small Garage Door",
    "cloudURL": "https://api.particle.io/v1/devices/",
    "deviceID": "deviceID",
    "access_token": "access_token"

Is there a way to have two active devices yet?

Thanks for the plugin!

I think the json needs to be setup like this
  "description": "Garadget as an accessory.",
  "accessories": [{
    "accessory": "Garadget",
    "name": "Large Garage Door",
    "cloudURL": "https://api.particle.io/v1/devices/",
    "deviceID": "<<Device ID>>",
    "access_token": "<<Access Token>>"
    "accessory": "Garadget",
    "name": Small Garage Door",
    "cloudURL": "https://api.particle.io/v1/devices/",
    "deviceID": "<<Device ID>>",
    "access_token": "<<Access Token>>"

Notice how all the garadget accessories are within the ] bracket. I separate the accessories with },{
and of course change the device ID
try reloading your service and let me know if that works.
If it doesn’t please try to get the homebridge log with how many accessories and plugins loaded.

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Homebridge - Garadget - Adding two doors?

Duh, that makes perfect sense and worked like a charm - Thanks for the tip!

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Should the Access_token be the same if you have multiple doors ?



It can be. I use the same access token for both my doors.


Recently got this going. Took literally a year on and off to figure out how to setup home bridge on my NAS.

Question for everyone. Do you have to say turn on garage door or turn off garage door as that appears to be the command? Its like its acting like a light switch. Or am I missing a parameter to convert that to open and close?

Thanks in advance


Congrats getting your NAS to also run a process of homebridge. Very nifty idea since its probably running unix.

In regards to the question, only the bypass shows up as a switch as on/off accessory. By default the garage is shown as a garage accessory.

I would check your accessories by going to your homebridge hub. It might have hid in a room or something. If it doesnt show up as a garage icon maybe something else is wrong. Are you using my plugin?

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I believe Im using your plugin. Did npm install -g homebridge-garadget. Im not too familiar with HomeKit. I don’t see any garage accessories. Only see garage door as a light switch. If I tell Siri to open garage door doesn’t work. I have to use the command turn on garage door. Im open to any suggestions. Thanks!


What does your config file look like with your access token and device omitted. Dont show the token or device.

In ver 0.0.4 it should have the bypass variable.

If you have bypass on it will load that accessory as a switch.

"accessories": [{
	"accessory": "Garadget",
	"name": "Garage Door",
	"cloudURL": "https://api.particle.io/v1/devices/",
	"deviceID": "",
	"access_token": "",
	"bypass": "1",
	"args": "{STATE}"

Yeah you dont need bypass to be set as 1. You can leave it 0

Bypass is only for scene that trigger that need permissions or a second agreement.

If you want the by pass you would make two accessories so you’d have one set to 0 and other 1


That fixed it! Thank you!!!



Is there a possibility to set a status refresh? I’m asking, because when garage door is opened/closed not by homekit, there is no notification.


i could have it query the status. I actually have the liftmaster/craftsman homekit device for notifications while i have garadget as the opening and closing because i dont like the warning sounds.

Quite busy at home. Maybe another programmer can go in and Add it. I am sure there is some existing code or documentation online.

Just add a pull request anf merge to my code. I can approve it.