Homebridge-Garadget 0.0.4


Continuing the discussion from HomeKit Integration with Homebridge-Garadget Plugin:

Version: 0.0.4
added new function to report on and off bypass
improved the get status function to report all 5 status: open, closed, opening, closing, and stopped
added some debug info such as access key good…

Verison: 0.0.3
I’ve added bypass and did a lot of house cleaning.
you can do a sudo su npm update -g homebridge-garadget on the module/plugin
Dont forget to add new config.json arguments

I finally got the new MyQ homekit but still using the garadget to bypass the trigger warning. So I spent the last few hours adding the new feature.

When closing the door, the noise and lights are very annoying and takes a really long time to close.
I might just use the MyQ only for status notification. I need to build into my code to do the same.

Let me know if you’ve discovered any issues.

Added wikis to install