Simple Commands $39.00 p.a

Hi I have been using simple commands to enable me to use Siri to open and close the garage door.

I only use simple commands for this singular function. Is there an alternative option? I would have thought it would be an opportunity for the Garadget developers to add a paid Siri integration to their app?

Rgds Martin

There is an open source alternative for integrating Garadget into Siri.
Please check out this post.

You can expose Garadget to siri by running Homebridge. I do this and am quite pleased with it. I get home, ask Siri to open the garage as I drive up to my house…

If you aren’t familiar with Homebridge, it allows one to integrate non-Homekit enabled gadgets to work directly with Homekit.

If you have a bit a tech acumen it’s really not that hard to enable. You can run it on a spare PC, Mac or Linux box. I use Linux, so I just picked up a Raspberry Pi, installed noobs, and then Homebridge. Works like a champ! See this post, it’s what I used : HomeKit Integration with Homebridge-Garadget Plugin

HTH - best…Sean

There is also a way easier way to install the base of homebridge ( ). after you install it you can find me garadget plugin easily and install it. after you do have to configure it.

Gosh its been a few years. If it gets more interest i could update my instructions with this new. Been meaning to add a donation link :wink:


Thanks, Stan, I will give it a go over the weekend. I appreciate your help.

Kind regards Martin