Voice recognition. Works for Siri not Alexa

I have Garadget working with 2 doors (garage and gate), named carHOUSE and gate respectively.

I use both Alexa and Siri (via HomeKit). The Siri integration has no problem distinguishing the doors. Works as expected. The Alexa integration however opens/closes both doors when asked to open/close either door by name.

Is there a way to address this with Alexa ?

Thank you.

Try the names that are not generic like “garage” or “door”. Makes of car or door side are good choices.

Sorry if I wasn’t being clear. I named the garage “carHouse”. This seems unique.

The iOS/HomeKit integration has no issues with this.

The Alexa integration can’t work with this.

I can try renaming to Liftmaster or something, but have you been successful using Alexa with two Garadget on the same network ? Thanks!

Silly question but how did you get it to work with Siri … Or where did you find the Homekit Setup Code. I just installed my device 10 minutes ago and its working fine but I wanted Siri automation to make my life even easier.

Not silly at all. I’m running Homebridge which allows me to integrate non-Homekit enabled gadgets to work directly with Homekit.

If you have a bit a tech acumen it’s really not that hard to enable. You can run it on a spare PC, Mac or Linux box. I just picked up a Raspberry Pi, installed noobs, and then Homebridge. Works like a champ! See this post, it’s what I used : HomeKit Integration with Homebridge-Garadget Plugin

HTH - best…Sean

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