Chamberlain Liftmaster Professional Formula 1 will close but not open

This is a purple button door opener. I can get the Garadget to close the door. However it will only open it as long as the relay is engaged on the Garadget. Any ideas what I have wrong. Everything I’ve read online so far says it should be working. Thx

Are you saying the remote and the push button no longer works? Did you disconnect the wire from the push button?

The original remotes for the liftmaster along with the push button on the wall continue to work normally. It’s only the Garadget that will not open the door but will close it. When ask Garadget to open the door it only opens as long as the relay timer is set. So between 0.2 and 1 sec.

Good you got it to open.
Leave the settings at 1 second and it should open every time.

I’m sorry your misunderstanding. Even at 1 second on the relay, the door will only open for the 1 second and then stop. The door will only be open 6-8”.

Do you have to hold the wall button for as long as you want the door moving?
Does your garage have obstacle detection sensor installed and operating?

I do not have to hold the wall button to keep it moving. I just press it quickly like normal and it operates normally.

Yes there is obstacle detection and yes it is operating normally.

You can simulate the button press by momentarily connecting the two screws in Garadget’s blue terminal using a piece of wire. Let me know if that closes and opens the door. Depending on the outcome, we’ll troubleshoot either wiring or Garadget.

Sorry. Been busy. I tried doing this. It closes and opens correctly now. Weird. But if I try it from the app I still have problems.

There still may be a loose connection somewhere. By problems do you mean it works intermittently or never?

Problems means it will not work opening from the app. I did find that if I increase the relay to close time to 5 sec the door would open for 5 seconds then stop. It doesn’t make sense though why it works fine to close the door but will not open it.

When you simulated the command by connecting the screws in Garadget’s blue terminal, did that open the door all the way without you maintaining the connection?

Yes when I jumped the two wires at the blue terminal on the Garadget it worked perfectly both up and down. Several times. This makes me thing the wiring is correct and my door opener is ok. Possibly a bad Garadget device?

It’s possible that the door status is out of sync and the app thinks the door is stopped and sends restart command (two clicks) instead of open command (one click).

Please set time settings to default values (motion time 10sec, relay on 0.3sec, relay off 1sec). Then fully close the door using the wall button or wireless remote and make sure the app reports status of the door as closed. If it doesn’t then check the laser alignment and reflection level (default threshold setting is 10, good reflection is 70-90).

Once the status is in sync try opening and closing the door using the app.