Close door automatically?

I constantly forget my garage door open. I miss the notifications too, pretty often. Sure, it is nice that now I do not have to go out to check if they are open in the middle of the night (or after I left home and I am lots of km away already), but having to constantly “clean up” after the app when I get a notification that the 15 mins are up is unnecessary. The app can very well just close the door. Can we have this, please? The notifications are useless to me (or just a gimmick).

Thanks for your suggestions.
We’ll consider this feature for future releases.

I use IFTTT to close the garage door at sunset (via the Weather Underground sunset trigger) and at a specified late time via the time trigger. It usually works, but occasionally gets logged out and I have to re-authorize Garadget every so often.

This means you are OK with your garage staying open all day, which I am not. I must keep my garage closed at all times, except I sometimes forget to close it when I arrive home. In that case, I need a closer to close it for me after at most 15 mins.

Garadget has the means to do this. It they won’t, I will have to look for another closer.

Be careful what you wish for. You might decide to leave during the time your door decides to close. If your wheels aren’t breaking the doors safety sensors, your door will come down on your car. Six inches above the ground is the recommended height for sensors but they will shoot underneath the car.

I know all this. My door stops if encounters any obstacle. And it does not have optical sensors. And I still want this feature. Actually, is a must for me.

I never leave my car in the door. Either is in or out. In both cases, the door can be closed.

Maybe put a warning in the app if you must, but definitely implement this.