Cold weather and condensation

Today was the first day of very cold weather. My two devices have been having issues with reporting open then closed over and over again. I have tried to trouble shoot and I believe the problem stems from condensation over the stickers due to the cold weather. As soon as I wipe the fog away from the stickers the garage reads as closed again.

To prevent the condensation you can put a layer of insulation (foam?) under the reflective pads so their temperature stays the same as air and doesn’t drop below the dew point with the door surface. This is likely a transitional issue as the moisture content in the air will likely drop as the temperatures remain low for the longer period of time.

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Is areas where we get snow, the moisture problem in the garage persists because of the snow melt from the cars. Granted, the winter air outside is drier, but unless you keep your garage perfectly dry, the condensation continues to be a problem. I think having the reflector stuck to the metal door is indeed an issue and placing the sticker on one of the insulated panels might be the answer (for those of us with insulated steel doors). Will having the reflector “off center” on the door adversely affect the amount of light reflected back to the center-mounted unit? And how far off center can we go?

The sticker’s reflection doesn’t degrade from increased angle (up to 30 degree off the straight), so feel free to move it as needed. Another solution is to just pad the reflector with some foam.

Just thought I’d chime in that I bought a 2-pack of plastic reflectors that came with adhesive pads (at a local farm/tractor supply store). I’m hopeful that this mitigates the moisture issue I was also experiencing - really warm day that got cold at night triggered lots of false alerts. Thin layer of moisture would form on the stickers I got with my Garadget.

I didn’t want to mess with chunks of foam and double sided tape, so I decided to try these. The reflection rate was the exact same reading as the stickers, so the next/final test is a warm day with a cold night. :blush:

Attaching three pictures: reflector mounted on top of my existing stickers, Garadget laser hitting reflector, and the original packaging.

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Great call! Testing these out was on my todo list.

Between the padded adhesive insulating from the metal door and the lower thermal inertia of the plastic this should take care of the condensation issue.

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My thoughts exactly Denis. I saw in the package that the adhesive pad was basically sticky foam, so I figured it would be a cleaner way to do what you had suggested already.

I was initially concerned about the plastic reflecting differently than your stickers you gave me, so I held the reflector up for the laser to hit. I checked it 4 or 5 times with the app running, watching the reflection rate each time. It was no different at all.

I’ll definitely report back when the weather provides me with a sample day that would have previously caused me issues. But, I think you’re totally right about the insulation in the pad and the plastic’s thermal properties. Thanks! :smile:

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Popping back in on my own thread. It’s been over a YEAR and I have yet to experience any more false alerts due to condensation on my reflector setup. Very happy with this add-on. :slight_smile:

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