Comfort 220 Airport doors

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hi there,

I am trying to purchase garadget but want to make aure it will work with my door I see few ports 1 ,2 ,3 ,70, 71 but not sure where I will need to plug in the new unit. can you please confirm it will work and where to plug in before I purchase


Installation Gliderol - Glidermatic GTS+ Optima
Installation Gliderol - Glidermatic GTS+ Optima

Check the Manual

Page 12
then (only guessing as I know nothing about this equipment) I would probably say the the connections are 70 and 71 as the Garadget acts as photocell. You have to take a risk on these things - I did and LOVE IT - 2 of my friends have now bought them - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Sorry not much help - BUT if it does work - please post your instructions up on how you did it on the forum - and give me all the credit (LOL).


@rdinha, thank your your interest in Garadget.
Sorry @sheeted, I’m going to tap into some of that sweet credit here. :wink:

This manual has an illustration on page 12 showing push button connected to terminals 1 and 2. That’s where Garadget terminals should be connected.


thanks garadget,

sorry to sound dumb but on the garadget device what colours are the cables and which color goes in 1 and 2?


There is no difference. Inside of Garadget the terminals are connected to the normally open contacts of electro-mechanical relay which acts as a regular push button as far as opener is concerned.


So plug and play you go


Thanks Garadget - you must take full credit

Good Community - always active

Rdinha - please post what you did so the community can grow