Communication Error

I have two Garadgets, they were installed at our previous home and at some point one of them stopped communicating with the app, not sure if that’s the one I’m having problems with. I moved them to our new home with new WiFi and am attempting to get them set up.

I was able to get one set up and connected, however when I attempt to run set up on the second one, it fails after I enter my WiFi information. I attempted to use my computer to set it up over the WiFi as well, but it won’t save the connection info via that method either; and if I can’t get it tied to my account I’m not sure what good that would do. I’ve reset and unplugged it multiple times and can’t get any farther than this screenshot. Not sure what to do next.

I did a few searches of the forums and didn’t find any topics relating to this, so I’ll put it here so it’s searchable… Details: Error setting claim code

Please try to take the controller down so it is next to the router and phone at the time of the setup. If you have difficulties with the app, you can also try the embedded web interface: