Compatibility and installation advice for sommer s9060 pro+

I’ve looked through the forum but did not find whether garadget is compatible with the sommer s9060 pro+ hardware. I’ve found a reference however to their other model S9060 base+ referring to the terminal pins COM and Signal(Sommer S 9050 base).

My current installation exist of a runner (s9060pro+) and a wall control unit as described on vendor site (the rear installtion type setup). According to the manual of the device and my own observations the circuitboards on the wall control unit (pro+ unit) are the same layout as the layout on Sommer S 9050 base.
At the moment only the keypad pins are connected to the buttons on the unit and the pins labelled as 9 on Sommer S 9050 base are connected and running to the ceiling rail (

If I install the garadget unit, do I need to connect the pins on the unit to the two cables which are already connected using cage clamps ( or do i need to connect the unit to the COM and Signal pins on the wall control unit ?

Thanks for any help you can give me. If the installation is succesfull, I’ll create a post with a short tutorial on the forum for the sommer setup.

Yes, the terminal connections in your picture are identical to those in Sommer S 9050 base and you should be good connecting Garadget to COM and Signal. To pre-test this you can momentarily short those two pins with the piece of wire and the door should open/close.

thanks for the feedback, I’ve tested this and at first this did’nt seem to work. the door did not respond. after going through the manual it seems for the pro+ model the com/signal pins are only used for partial opening. The gate did not respond bacause partial opening was not configured.
I’ve configured partial opening on the runner unit to open almost completely to simulate an open gate and after changing the DIP switches on the wall unit (4 to on) to use the com/signal pins as partial opening i was able to open the gate to ‘partial’ open by shorting the two pins. Luckely shorting them again closes the gate instead of only triggering a set gate position.

Thanks a lot for the advice and help !

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